5 top attractions in Kalymnos

Kalymnos attractions, top destinations selection with villa rentals: Sports fans and nature activities will find Kalymnos a very interesting travel place, recently it has become very trendy for people who like rock climbing, water sports, trekking, and scuba diving – the island is one that offers amazing experiences and thrills.

Kalymnos is a very beautiful island, and the crystal clear blue waters around the island make it a fantastic place to enjoy diving. Whilst in Kalymnos you will have the chance to visit and see beautiful beaches and magnificent coastal sceneries. Sailing is very popular in Kalymnos and is ideal for adventure-filled holidays, combined with natural beauty and scenery. During your holidays in Kalymnos you will have the opportunity to try various activities and enjoy moments filled with fun and adventure. There are various watersports you can enjoy on the island.

Definitely, the island of Kalymnos is not short of places to photograph. From the awesome sunrise to the glorious sunsets to the charming strands, the island has many things you might want to capture and keep for memory. Unlike many other islands of its kind in the region, Kalymnos lacks those stringent photography restrictions. There is no place, region, its facility in the region that is restricted. Instead, you have the leeway to photograph just about any area. Closely related to this benefit is the lack of photography licenses or fees. You just have every other freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want it. This is a great reason to prioritize this area over and above alternative destinations. Discover even more details on Greece vacation home rental with private pool.

The small Vothini town is home to the famous historical monuments. There is an ancient monastery of All Saints, as well as Kalymnos house that is the typical monument of the national architecture. One of the most unusual and interesting cultural centers of the island is located in Vlichadia. The large-scale private museum operates there; its exhibition is devoted to the sea and marine life. Among its exhibits are rare species of marine plants, fish, sea stars, and, of course, sponges. A significant part of the museum is devoted to the main national fishery, the extraction and processing of sponges. Every city of Kalymnos cherishes its priceless historical monuments, so you can safely choose any area for your tour.

Kalymnos has several gorgeous beaches that are worth visiting. These include Platis Yialos Beach, Emporio Beach, and Agios Nikolaos Beach. Each of these has their own unique charm that makes them special. However, the one thing that they all have in common is that they’re a relaxing way to spend the day! Platis Yailos Beach is your best bet if you’re looking for a place with services. For instance, there’s a restaurant and some kiosks that overlook the beach, some umbrellas and chairs, and an outdoor shower so that you can rinse the sand off your body before heading. It is also one of the most accessible of the beaches.

The outdoor area provides ample open and pergola shaded terraces for relaxing and dining, a grill, outdoor shower, a private pool, and access to the Aegean Sea, ensuring you a carefree and relaxing vacation. The interior is fully furnished and decorated in a relaxed and elegant simplicity, providing you with every comfort you will need, including fully equipped kitchens, air conditioned bedrooms, comfortable seating, screened windows, free wifi and much more. Find more details on villaatkastellibay.com.