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Looking the unforgetable luxury travel and you need to rent a car for your luxury vacation at affordable prices ? Here is a checkpoint list :

What a luxury to sit back and relax while your own private driver takes you wherever you wish to go. No jostling luggage at the train station, no airport security to deal with. Just step outside your hotel door and be whisked away in your luxury sedan. Traveling by private car allows for stops at that quaint Michelin star restaurant, out-of-the-way charming villages, and special sites that are just too hard to get to with train or air travel. If I had taken a train or flown between Munich and Prague I would not have discovered Regensburg, Germany, a medieval charmer, or historic Cesk√Ĺ Krumlov in the Czech Republic on my drive outside of Prague. I oftentimes find that a private driver is not much more expensive than the price of two first class rail tickets.And then there’s your airport arrival. Start your vacation off on the right foot and have a driver pick you up. I love spotting my name on a placard at the airport gate, held by a driver ready and waiting to get me to my hotel without the hassle of taxi lines.

Take a small spray bottle on holiday. Fill it with water and spray it over creased clothes. Smooth with your hand and leave them hanging up overnight to help remove creases. This tip contributed by smart traveller, Annie Leighton.

When visiting a new destination make a list of your must see attractions. It helps focus your mind as there is usually too much to do and see.

If you’re looking to take your pooch on holiday with you, Small Luxury Hotels of the World have a good selection of dog friendly options.

Consider a holiday in the UK, you’ll avoid the expense, time and stress of a flight. The British countryside is beautiful and there are many wonderful places to relax and enjoy its splendour, also you just might find a whole new appreciation of your home.

Educate yourself about food and drinking safety when traveling to developing countries, in order to minimize the risk for traveler’s diarrhea. Know what to do in case that you would develop diarrhea despite taking precautionary measures.

Know what the weather will be like at your travel destinations. Don’t get caught unprepared, and always double-check the weather forecast the day before your departure. The best weather forecast websites are the weather channel, wunderground, and – my favorite – accuweather.

Choose a cheap 5-star destination. When looking for a 5-star retreat think about the country first. You want a country where your currency buys a lot. Then find the luxury experience within it. From North America consider Central America. From the UK think Greece and Portugal. From Australia you have much of Southeast Asia within a reasonable long-haul flight.

Choose the destination that has cheaper flights. Charles Thompson of the Solo Travel Society gave us this hot tip for Melbournians: Melbourne has one of the largest populations of Greeks outside Athens so flights to Athens are a tad cheaper. You can apply this idea in many places. Look for large immigrant populations near your home airport and you’ll likely discover where flights are less expensive for the distance. A quick check on flights to Delhi from Toronto shows that the cost is only a few hundred more than flights to Europe. But think how much less expensive luxury is in India than Europe.

Suggested destinations : Nevis is such a beautiful and remote escape, perfect for couples looking for secluded romance. Everything about the island is so peaceful-the people, the waves, the ambiance. One of my favorite things about the island is how eco-friendly and in touch with nature it is. Everything from its spa treatments to the cocktails embraces the earth and everything that comes from it. Local ingredients like Nevisian honey can be found in anything. You can visit local farms and learn about how the organic ingredients are grown. A trip here will have you feeling at peace in no time. The Four Seasons, Nevis is possibly the most quintessential Caribbean getaway for celebs-and who can blame them! I even made this sweet video to showcase it! Find out my picks for best things to see and do in Nevis!

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